futhark run <program.fut>


Execute the given program by evaluating the main function with arguments read from standard input, and write the results on standard output.

futhark run is very slow, and in practice only useful for testing, teaching, and experimenting with the language. Certain special debugging functions are available in futhark run:

trace 'a : a -> a

Semantically identity, but prints the value on standard output.

break 'a : a -> a

Semantically identity, but interrupts execution at the calling point, such that the environment can be inspected. Continue execution by entering an empty input line. Breakpoints are only respected when starting a program from the prompt, not when passing a program on the command line.



Run the given entry point instead of main.


Print help text to standard output and exit.


Print version information on standard output and exit.

-w, --no-warnings

Disable interpreter warnings.


futhark-repl, futhark-test