futhark pyopencl [options…] infile


futhark pyopencl translates a Futhark program to Python code invoking OpenCL kernels, which depends on Numpy and PyOpenCL. By default, the program uses the first device of the first OpenCL platform - this can be changed by passing -p and -d options to the generated program (not to futhark pyopencl itself).

The resulting program will otherwise behave exactly as one compiled with futhark py. While the sequential host-level code is pure Python and just as slow as in futhark py, parallel sections will have been compiled to OpenCL, and runs just as fast as when using futhark opencl. The kernel launch overhead is significantly higher, however, so a good rule of thumb when using futhark pyopencl is to aim for having fewer but longer-lasting parallel sections.

The generated code requires at least PyOpenCL version 2015.2.


Accepts the same options as futhark-opencl.


futhark-python, futhark-opencl