futhark doc [options…] dir


futhark doc generates HTML-formatted documentation from Futhark code. One HTML file will be created for each .fut file in the given directory, as well as any file reachable through import expressions. The given Futhark code will be considered as one cohesive whole, and must be type-correct.

Futhark definitions may be documented by prefixing them with a block of line comments starting with -- | (see example below). Simple Markdown syntax is supported within these comments. A link to another identifier is possible with the notation `name`@namespace, where namespace must be either term, type, or mtype (module names are in the term namespace). A file may contain a leading documentation comment, which will be considered the file abstract.

futhark doc will ignore any file whose documentation comment consists solely of the word “ignore”. This is useful for files that contain tests, or are otherwise not relevant to the reader of the documentation.



Print help text to standard output and exit.

-o outdir

The name of the directory that will contain the generated documentation. This option is mandatory.

-v, --verbose

Print status messages to stderr while running.


Print version information on standard output and exit.


-- | Gratuitous re-implementation of `map`@term.
-- Does exactly the same.
let mymap = ...


futhark-test, futhark-bench