futhark <subcommand> options…


Futhark is a data-parallel functional array language. Through various subcommands, the futhark tool provides facilities for compiling, developing, or analysing Futhark programs. Most subcommands are documented in their own manpage. For example, futhark opencl is documented as futhark-opencl. The remaining subcommands are documented in this page.


futhark check [-w] PROGRAM

Check whether a Futhark program type checks. With -w, no warnings are printed.

futhark datacmp FILE_A FILE_B

Check whether the two files contain the same Futhark values. The files must be formatted using the general Futhark data format that is used by all other executable and tools (such as futhark-dataset). All discrepancies will be reported. This is in contrast to futhark-test, which only reports the first one.

futhark dataget PROGRAM DATASET

Find the test dataset whose description contains DATASET (e.g. #1) and print it in binary representation to standard output.

futhark dev options… PROGRAM

A Futhark compiler development command, intentionally undocumented and intended for use in developing the Futhark compiler, not for programmers writing in Futhark.

futhark imports PROGRAM

Print all non-builtin imported Futhark files to stdout, one per line.

futhark query PROGRAM LINE COL

Print information about the variable at the given position in the program.