futhark csharp [options…] infile


futhark csharp translates a Futhark program to sequential C# code, and either compiles that C# code with the Roslyn C# Compiler csc to an executable binary program, or produces a .dll file that can be linked with other code.. The standard Futhark optimisation pipeline is used, and csc is invoked with -lib:$MONO_PATH, -r:Mono.Options.dll, and /unsafe.

The resulting program will read the arguments to the entry point (main by default) from standard input and print its return value on standard output. The arguments are read and printed in Futhark syntax.


-h Print help text to standard output and exit.
--library Generate a library instead of an executable. Appends .dll to the name indicated by the -o option to determine output file names.
-o outfile Where to write the result. If the source program is named ‘foo.fut’, this defaults to ‘foo’.
--safe Ignore unsafe in program and perform safety checks unconditionally.
-v verbose Enable debugging output. If compilation fails due to a compiler error, the result of the last successful compiler step will be printed to standard error.
-V Print version information on standard output and exit.


futhark csharp uses the Mono implementation of the .NET framework. To compile and execute the compiled binaries/libraries, you must have the MONO_PATH environment variable defined. MONO_PATH must be set to a directory containing the Mono.Options dll.

Mono.Options is available on https://www.nuget.org/packages/Mono.Options/